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Where is the Appartementhotel Weissenseerhof situated?

The Appartementhaus Weissenseerhof is situated in Neusach 28, 9762 Weissensee, about 300 meters away from the Weissenseerhof****s.

Where and when takes the Check In or Check Out takes place?

Your Check In takes place at the reception of Weissenseerhof****s. Your reservered apartments are ready for occupation from 3 pm. We ask you to do your Check Out on your day of departure until 11 am in the Bio-Vitalhotel Weissenseerhof****s.

If you wish to take advantage of a late checkout by 4.00 pm (for a fee of € 40,00 per room), please notify reception one day before you depart (based on availability).

When is the reception opened?

Our hotel reception team is standing by for your questions, wishes and suggestions. from 7 am to 10 pm. Please dial 9 on the phone at your apartment if you want to reach our team of the reception. Reception opening times are as follows: Reception at the Weissenseerhof****s: 7am to 10pm

How do I get into the Appartementhotel Weissenseerhof?

At Appartementhaus Weissenseerhof your key card, which you get when you do the Check In, opens the main door, the patio door and the entrances to both front wings.

Where can we park our car?

Directly in front of the Appartementhaus Weissenseerhof are covered parking places. If there are no available  spaces, you are also welcome to park opposite the building on the other side of the street.

Are we allowed to bring our dog?

Please understand that we do no accept pets.

Is there a kitchen in any of the apartements?

In these three houses we have 8 apartments with fully equipped kithens. In the double rooms and suites we do not have a kitchen unit.

Where can we have breakfast and dinner?

he apartment house offers only self-catering accommodation on a self catering basis.

Breakfast and dinner can be enjoyed in the neighboring Weissenseerhof Bio-Vital Hotel. The sensational organic vitality breakfast is available with a price of Euro 25,00 per person from 7.30 and 10.30 am. Exclusive Bio-indulgence evening meal is available with a special price of Euro 48,00 per person and will be held 18:30 to 20:30.
Please book in advance to give you also a seat in our restaurant to guarantee "Liebstöckel".

If you also want to have lunch something, you can choose between 12 am and 5 pm from our daily menu.

Is there a roll or breakfast service in the Appartementhotel?

We offer our guests from the Appartementhaus, who booked an apartment with kitchenunit, a special breakfast service. You can order a breakfast basket and we will bring it to your appartement.

At the Check-In you get an order form, with the form you can order it at least one day before in the Hotel. We will bring your breakfast basket to your appartement. Offer is valid for one person.

We want to go hiking. Is it possible to a lunch package at the hotel?

Vegetarian or a mixed bag? The kitchen will be pleased to prepare packed lunches for your rambling excursion (€ 12,00 each). We also provide backpacks, hiking sticks and Nordic walking poles for an extra charge – simply contact the reception.

Do the apartments have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available throughout the house for free. The code you receive at Check In at the front desk. Our staff will help you with any technical questions.

Is smoking in the rooms allowed?

We want non-smokers to have an enjoyable stay in our hotels, so we ask all smokers at the Weissenseerhof****s to make use of the Barrique-Bar     entrance or the terrace. Please note that smoking is not permitted on the balconies. At Appartementhaus Weissenseerhof smoking is allowed on the terrace.

I have a chimney in my apartment. Am I allowed to use it?

It is officially prohibited to make fire.

Are towels and linen available in the apartments?

Towels and linen are available in your apartment. You can help us to protect our climate. You can get a new towel set at the reception from the Weiseenseerhof****s for a price of € 5,00 per set.

Is there there the possibility for a cleaning during the stay?

If you get tired of cleaning, we offer the special service for a cleaning during your stay for a price of EUR 20,00 per day. 

Is there a wellness area?

The Appartementhaus Weissensee has a wellness area with a large indoor swimming pool, a bio sauna with 70 degrees and a relaxation room with relaxing sheet hanging chairs. This is located in the basement and is opened from 10 am until 8 pm for you.

Is there a access to the lake?

Opposite of the apartment house is the exklusive access to the lake for our Appartmenthaus guests. Guests will also find at the beach house, a lake-sauna (85 degrees) with a kitchenette, relaxation room and a sun deck.

Do you have wheelchair-accessible apartments?

The Appartementhaus Weissenseerhof has no lift. A few of the apartments are accessed via the ground floor. However, there is no wheelchair-accessible / disabled facilities (eg toilet, shower, kitchen, etc.).

Do the apartments have a balcony?

The majority of our apartments has a balcony with view over the turquoise-green Weissensee.

Do you have crips or extra beds?

We will gladly provide one of our free crips or extra beds if available. Please enter prior to your arrival  if you need one.

Is there a final cleaning?

A final cleaning service is available and obligatory and costs Euro 70,00 per apartment.

Can we use the See-Spa at the Weissenseerhof****s also?



Our See-Spa located directly at the lakeside welcomes guests from the Appartementhaus for a fee of € 25,00 per person and day or by booking a Behandlung.

Relax at the See-Spa, be inspired by the unique atmosphere and recharge your batteries with massage and cosmetic treatments, yoga and meditation programmes, two saunas (See-Sauna 85-95°C, Schilf-Sauna 65°C), quiet rooms, spacious lakeside sun deck and roof terrace. The Spa-Bistro serves snacks and drinks.  The lake itself makes a refreshing plunge pool for sauna-goers; we‘ll even keep a hole in the ice open for you in winter!

Does the Appartementhaus Weissenseerhof have a fitness room?

You are welcome to use the gym of the Bio-Vital hotel with a price of Euro 5,00 per person / day. At the high quality Technogym equipment you will find your favor.

Where do we have the opportunity to borrow boats?

The web of the lake spas of Bio-Vitalhotel Weissenseerhof**** s electric and pedal boats are available with price of EUR 10.00 per hour. Please sign up at our reception at the See-Spa.

Where can I get the Adventure Pass mobile+ and what has it included?

The Adventure Pass Mobile+ can be created by us using your full indication of personal data. Usually you find it on the day after your arrival in your apartment. If you need it sooner, please contact the reception.

The Adventure Pass Mobile + is the extension of the guest card Weissensee to all previous mobility services, which are included in the map. Highlights: free + free Naturparkbus oneness and trail use. Please take the adventure pass always with you to take the above-mentioned services in claim.

Are bikes also available?

We have a variety of Moutain- and city bikes. Please feel free to borrow this for the price of Euro 20,00 per day / person. Sign up for this purpose at the reception of the Bio-Vitalhotel. Of course we also have for our little guests on children's bikes, child seats and helmets.

I'd like to go fishing. Where can I get fishing permits??

For information about fishing at Weissenee are available at the front desk and in the Tourist Information in Weissensee house. For the fishing card,  please contact the Gasthof Weissensee in Oberndorf at Weissensee.

Where I have the opportunity to throw away my garbage?

In our covered parking of our Apppartementhaus are the dumpster where you can throw away your garbage. Please pay attention to protect the environment by the correct waste separation.

What is your cancellation policy?
  • Up to 3 months before the arrival date free of charge.
  • to 1 month before arrival 40% of the total agreed price;
  • to 1 week prior to arrival 40% of the total agreed price;
  • in the last week before the arrival 90% of total agree price.

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