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Tian "Spirit&Mind" Week

21. - 30. Oktober 2018

Secure your place due to the limited number of participants !!!

And every day greets the madness. We rush from appointment to appointment and find barely a moment to breathe. There are always so many important things that need to be done before you allow yourself a little peace and quiet. In everyday combat, the focus on the ESSENTIAL in life is often lost. The result: fatigue, dissatisfaction, drive, pain, loss of performance ... disease. During the week, you will receive specific advice to help you find and maintain balance in life. In addition to the seminar, there are Qi-Gong and Shiatsu units

At Qi Gong - the Eight Brocade you will learn about the special 8 exercises of the Shaolin Monastery, with the aim that you can use them at home for your personal health care. The exercises are performed standing up and adapted to your abilities and ability. Shiatsu, on the other hand, is an independent, self-contained form of holistic, manual bodywork. The origins of Shiatsu lie in traditional Chinese as well as Japanese health teachings. The life energy Qi flows in our meridians and fills us with aliveness. Too much of this energy, too little or a jammed Qi cause an energetic imbalance in our body, which we perceive individually - as fatigue, tension, nervousness, fatigue or u.a. Back pain, headache, digestive problems or sleep disorders. Depending on the condition, energy is strengthened or blockages are detected and resolved. Qi can flow easily and freely again. This activates the self-healing powers of the organism and increases physical well-being.

Supervision of the seminar: Shiatsupraktikerin DI. Claudia Brandner is dipl. Nutritionist and companion according to the principles of the Five Elements Nutrition, dipl. Shaolin Qi Gong and Tai Chi Trainer. The seminar is all about concentrating on the essentials of life.

Elements of the seminar

  • Supervision by DI Claudia Brandner
  • Introductory round on the first evening
  • Seminar lessons on "Focusing on the Essentials" spread over 5 days
  • Qi-Gong units in the meditation room right on the lake
  • Gather life energy with shiatsu
  • 1x See-Spa Individually á 50 minutes
  • Vegetarian natural cuisine
  • Shared meal times - if desired
  • Rest & retreat & enjoy time for me
  • A lot of exercise - at the beautiful place of power Weissensee - surrounded by the most beautiful mountain scenery
  • Spa area in the most beautiful ambience of magical to two-thirds in the lake floating lake spa
  • Wellness oasis with swimming pool in the neighboring Appartemenhotel Weissenseerhof ****
  • Weissenseerhof Premium Services **** S

Online bookable: 21. - 30.10.2018, Price is per person in a double or single room

8 days, 7 nights
Double Room€ 1.169,00
Juniorsuite€ 1.309,00
Roof Top Suite€ 1.379,00

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