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Riding & Trekking

Horsetrekking at Weißensee

A horse trekking tour with our Nature Park Ranger Robert Röbl is in this adventure tour on program. The tour starts in the center in Techendorf, near the bridge.

Although happiness on this earth is known, on the back of a horse, it is the horse trekking not about to ride the horses, but to hike with the horses - on the pasture behind Alm hintern Brunn. Once at the top, the warden Hanni Brandner servs a delicious local snack.

Riding at nature park Weissensee

Magnificent rides, but also romantic carriage rides through the countryside, we organize it for you at any time:

The following companies offer the possibility to ride on horseback
Hans Walker, Haus Nemast
+43 (0)4713 2214

Reitanlage Kreuzwirt, profesional riding lectures & trail rides
+43 (0)699 19675457

Reiterhof Golz, Alois Sattlegger, Weisbriach
+43 (0)4286 302


Respect to Wildlife


Wildlife- Ethology

Interest group for the promotion of coexisten ce between humans and wildlife, species protection and the preservation of the biogenic base.

... into the world of exceptional biodiversity in the nature park Weissensee

For one day, you accompany the famous wildlife ethologist Hans Peter Sorger and Biologist Manuela Siller in the habitats where brown bear, lynx, stone and white-tailed eagle, bearded and griffon vultures also still occur as the ant lion, the hoopoe and eagle owl, and the very secretive golden jackal. Learn all about their way of life, their behavior and their chances of survival in our cultural landscape. You will receive information on the toxic effects and healing power of belladonna and aconite, learn orchid species and Hahnenfußgewächse know. It is about the germicidal conifer resins, as well as talked about the weather and a sense of beneficial forst ants.

More information and dates are available at the reception.

Erlebnis Weissenseerhof


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